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Cis's action, within projects co-funded by the European Commission, is aimed at the development and innovation of vocational education and training (VET) and at the development of strategic collaboration processes In areas or sectors of common interest, among public and private organizations and companies from other countries

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Cis is partner in the following Erasmus + projects:
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Deal with Digital WBL persegue i seguenti obiettivi:Sviluppare un quadro di Digital skills emergenti per il Formatore VET necessarie ad innovare la metodologia Work-based Learning, l’apprendimento laboratoriale ed esperienziale online.Incentivare i formatori VET all'acquisizione di competenze specifiche per progettare, erogare, valutare e certificare competenze apprese attraverso le esperienze di Digital Work-based LearningSviluppare un percorso formativo per arricchire le digital...

deign, develop and implement an interactive educational module for technicians of mechatronics, ready to deploy and to  integrate into curricula. 

AIM OF THE PROJECT This project aims to empowering older people in Europe to adopt healthy lifestyles which include a healthy diet, physical activity, and social interaction.ACTIVITIESIndeed it is proven that supporting empowerment and self-management helps people to learn to control the risks of their health. 

The purpose of the project is to improve innovation performance in the logistics industry through: Raising awareness of the need for implementing innovative solutions among transportation & logistics employees and trainees Creating and applying in practice the tools to identify the participants' predispositions and competencies for developing innovative solutions as Innovation Designers (IDs) and Innovation Executors (IEs) Improving innovative solution developing skills in logistics ...

 AIM OF THE PROJECT The project aim is to teach people vocational languages for logistics sector through gamified e-learning tool and to develop new competences in logistics in foreign language (English, German, Italian, Polish).

One of the main objectives of the project is the experimentation, through a long-term mobility, of non academic professional paths oriented to obtain the double Italian-german qualification of professional technician at the end of the project. Among the other aims there are also the strengthen  of intercultural abilities and the learning of a second European language with the result of a final exam of the B1.2 level in the german language, which is an attractive competence requested by comp...

Europe holds a significant share in the growth potential of KETs and Industry 4.0, which could create new jobs at different occupational levels. However, skills imbalances are likely to significantly diminish KETs growth potential and employment effects. In this scenario NEW METRO intends:provide workers (both young people and adult workers needing requalification) and employers with new competences KETs related;increase awareness among key stakeholders regarding the social and organizational ch...

This project will give students  the oportunity to make a professional intership abroad;1 month experience (during summer 2016)  is intended for students of the 4th class guided by volunteers teachers); and 3 months experience (departure in September 2016) for neo graduates;

This project will give students  the opportunity to make a professional intership abroad;1 month experience  (during the summer 2016)  is intended for students of the 4th class guided by volunteers teachers; and 3 months experience (departure in September 2016) for neo graduates;

RE-FRAME aims at creating the “European Laboratory for Regional Work Based Learning” based on the  platform involving the main stakeholders in the 4 countries (Italy, France, Netherlands, Spain) who will collaborate to design and implement of targeted and scalable strategies and methodologies and related operational toolset to be tested in pilot actions.